About the company:

The artist creates each mosaic in accordance with the client's request.

The client can choose any design, shape or size  of mosaic he fancies, out of a  worldwide selection of mosaics and paintings.

Personal  approach:

The artist brings and installs the mosaic in the client's home-on the floor or on the wall. Creating a designed table is also an option.

The mosaic is accomodated to outdoor or indoor climate and is long-time durable.

Upon ordering a  mosaic, the client is offered a guided tour to the archeological sites in which the most beautiful and famous mosaics are found (Caesarea, Beth Shearim, Zipori, etc.)

Antique art

The mosaic stones used are all natural stones which are cut with a hammer and a chisel(handwork).

The artist collects the raw material  (stone) from nature.

The artist employs many of  the same techniques used by the ancient Roman mosaic artists.

Option: conservation and restoration of old and modern mosaics.


About the artist:

Amir Genah is a qualified and experienced conservator as well as a mosaic creator (Caesarea, Beth Shean, Tsipori,Beth Shearim,Italy). He was twice invited to carry out archeological conservation in Italy.

Amir was the initiator and the one who uncovered and restored the Bird Mosaic floor, in collaboration with Caesarea's community and other residents in the region